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Corey Williams

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How to get a job at Nexmo | Career

Nexmo is a Vonage API platform that bridges traditional voice and messaging services with cloud communications. It works with companies like Airbnb, WhatsApp and Snapchat to help them communicate with their customers all across the globe. Since its inception in 2010, Nexmo has grown to a team of more than 240 employees, representative of 47 different nationalities. It’s currently hiring for a spectrum of developer and engineering roles including java developer, devops engineer, full stack developer and technical support engineer. (Take…

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Hands-on: The Evil Within 2 Review

While this year saw Capcom take the Resident Evil franchise in a new direction by shifting to first-person and incorporating stealth in Resident Evil 7, Bethesda has been busy recapturing the series’ roots in The Evil Within with the help of original Resi director Shinji Mikami. Now he’s back at it with The Evil Within 2, continuing the story of Detective Sebastian Castellanos, this time as he delves into the town of Union on the hunt for his daughter and, surprise…

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The Best Mobile Scanning Apps of 2017

We create a remarkable amount of information digitally—spreadsheets, software documentation, receipts, financial records, even baby’s first Photoshop image—and that’s just the beginning of what for most people is a gargantuan data mountain. But a huge amount of that information is still on ephemeral paper: business cards, boxes on a grocery store shelf, tattered restaurant receipts, photos, brainstormed ideas scribbled on a white board, or otherwise trapped in the durable and sometimes difficult-to-access physical universe. If you need to capture that…

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Best iPod: iPod buying guide UK 2017

What’s the best iPod? Which iPod should I choose? Which iPod do I have? iPods have come a long way since the initial music-only device that magically appeared from Steve Jobs’ jeans pocket in October 2001. There are models that have full access to the internet, play movies, and even make video calls using Apple’s FaceTime technology. All iPods are not created equal though, so here we round up the various features of each model, and explain where you can buy…

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The Best Desktop Computers of 2017

Desktop PCs Are All About the Power Why on Earth would you want to buy a desktop PC or Mac in 2017? Simply put, there are computing needs that mobile devices like laptops and tablets can’t fulfill as well as the stalwart desktop. Here’s what to consider when deciding on your next desktop PC. Desktop-class CPUs and graphics processors are simply more powerful than their mobile counterparts for the same money. They give you the power to finish whatever task…

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The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017

Finding the Right Portable Gaming Rig Purists will argue that you need a PC to truly play games, especially if you’re a fan of pushing the levels of graphics quality beyond the capabilities of a mobile phone or a mere gaming console. In this regard the gaming desktop is still king, particularly when it comes to having the kind of components and horsepower needed to smoothly run 4K games and support virtual reality (VR) setups, such as the Oculus Rift…

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5 handy things the Photos app can do with your iPhone snapshots

With its various “Moments,” “Collections,” and “Memories,” the iOS Photos app has become almost as confusing and frustrating to use as Apple Music. (Don’t get me started.) But once you get your bearings, there are still plenty of nifty things you can do with your snapshots in Photos. From creating instant, one-tap movies and pasting shapes and captions in your pictures to publishing galleries on the web and undeleting recently trashed images, here are some tips on making the most…

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How to block all calls on your iPhone except those from your contacts

There are very few things that are more annoying than unwanted cell phone calls. Macworld reader Douglas Cowan asks a question about a way to block those calls. With the ever increasing number of unwanted phone calls and voicemails, is it possible to block all phone calls except from those in the contact list? Yes, although it means some tradeoffs. The Do Not Disturb feature Apple introduced a few releases of iOS ago lets you suppress most notifications, sounds, texts,…

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AVM Fritz!Box 7590 review: Flagship wireless router with VDSL supervectoring and MU-MIMO Review

With a smart new design, the Fritz!Box 7590, which is AVM’s new flagship do-it-all wireless xDSL router, adds both faster broadband and speedier wi-fi. But there’s a lot more to it than that. In the box you receive a predominantly cream, aerofoil-profiled device — a new design — plus an Ethernet cable, a fat power plug, a combination phone/DSL cable, and a micro-filter. Two folded paper guides help with the basics of connectivity, and there’s more on AVM’s website. AVM…

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The Best To-Do List Apps of 2017

Manage Your Tasks With an App If you haven’t gone paperless with your to-do list yet, you’re missing out. These apps let you edit and rearrange your to-dos based on changing priorities, share lists with family members or other collaborators, and get reminders for your upcoming deadlines, no matter which device you have on you at the moment. Managing tasks in an app is more efficient, more powerful, and simply a better way to be more productive than doing it…

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